How to close menu?

Swipe left on the screen, on the menu with actions.

Interface game

Beauty, happiness, satiety - the main indicators. If one of these indicators is reduced to zero, you have to comprehend the secrets of the Socialite from the very beginning. Follow the beauty, happiness and satiety and the goal will be achieved.

Main actions

The choice of action to improve performance. Remember, every action can affect both the better and the worse indicators. See help for action.


The current status - level and money, the higher the level, the more available actions. Status increases per action. The progress line of the level shows how much action is left until the status is raised.


Get a boyfriend to provide for yourself. Guy, every action, adds or reduces characteristics, beauty, food, happiness. Also a guy can make a gift.


Good guys, as well as some professions require mandatory availability of housing. If you have free funds, invest them in real estate.


To learn more profitable profession do not forget to learn. The more prestigious and profitable profession, the greater the requirements for knowledge.


To have less chance of trouble, do not forget to dress nice and stylish. The more beautiful dress, the more chances of success in all actions.


Here you can find the top of the best socialites in the game, as well as be able to communicate with them and other players in the game chat.

Easy money

Take a photo and share with your friends, your socialite on social networks. Also, if you run out or lack coins in the game, watch the video and get a good reward.